Growing up gay in a time of social non acceptance and ignorance, it was hard to explore your true identity and sexuality. Over the last three decades I've seen substantial progress in terms of acceptance, respect and visibility. The communities solidarity has served to resist violence and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people.

Unconditional and without agenda love is patient and kind. Love offers acceptance, understanding, and can transform a life for the better. Love can be seen by the joy it brings and the smiles it elicits, even in times of weariness. Ultimately it is love that matters.

The drive for innovation and passion for the LGBTQ+ community motivated the conception and creation of BITE ME NOW, a brand meant for everyone to flaunt with fabulousness.

BITE ME NOW is a symbol of love, acceptance and pride. In support of all humans, BITE ME NOW offers a unique way for everyone to express themselves unapologetically.

BITE ME... NOW. (or later)